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"Where do I begin?! My husband and I first learned about Dan when he performed at our friends’ wedding. At first glance, he appears to be just another “DJ.” Then, once the reception began and dinner was served, we both noticed that he was singing! We were instantly floored and intrigued by his amazing talent and presence! This was when we knew we had to have him at our wedding!


Only having communicated with him through my husband and emails, I was pleasantly surprised when he greeted me with a hug during his sound check, telling me how amazing I looked. He’s so personable and warm!


I was so excited for him to start performing when the reception started. After announcing the bridal party and our first dance, everyone was seated and the salads were served. I can’t remember the first song that he sang, but I remember everyone looking around, slightly confused about the “DJ” that was singing. My husband and I sat there smiling, knowing our “little secret,” cementing our confidence in the decision to have Dan perform at our wedding. His talent was immediately recognizable and rather than eating, people started getting up to dance. I think everyone was as surprised as we were the first time we saw him a year earlier. I distinctly remember a friend saying they didn’t believe that it was him that was singing, that it had to be the radio! His ear for music is undeniable. People continued asking us throughout the entire night who he was, and where we had found him! We received so many compliments, telling us how amazing and talented a performer he was! We also had two couples that are getting married in the future ask for his information so they could book him for their weddings!


Dan was truly able to capture the spirit of our wedding and the experience we wanted for our guests! We provided him with some songs that we liked, much like an outline. He was able to “fill in the blanks” and provide us with just what we wanted! He was able to mesh the old with the new, and get everyone (and I mean everyone) up and dancing throughout the night – which was exactly what we had envisioned for our wedding!


His incredible talent for performing and singing, combined with his incredible intuition for being able to tailor his services to individual client needs make him the ULTIMATE musician and entertainer.


We were so happy to have him perform at our wedding. He was truly a piece to our puzzle that we didn’t know we were missing until the day of the wedding! He took our wedding to the next level, making it a truly unforgettable experience for us, and our guests. I am so incredibly happy that he was able to perform at our wedding!"



Rachelle Sumrall & Ryan D’Angelo

  • CruisePort Gloucester

We can’t count the number of guests, family and friends who came up to us at our wedding and raved about Dan, his work and performance at our wedding – the compliments were endless. Dan’s singing and DJ’ing was an enormously key factor in our wedding’s success and our happy experience. Dan provides a fun, entertaining and personal feel to the wedding day. Besides having an incredible voice and a high level of versatility, everything runs so smooth logistically under him – we never had to worry, and his organization eased any tensions. We were lucky to work with Dan; his professionalism is second to none and you’d be crazy not to have him sing and play at your wedding. I cannot wait to attend a wedding where he’ll be performing again. 

Sabrina Ramirez & Justin Martell

Bedford Village Inn

"Dan Sky was our DJ and performer for our September 6th wedding. We can not say enough great things about him. We trusted him immediately after meeting with him and felt as if we could leave song choices completely up to him. Not to our surprise, he was incredible the whole night. Nick and I  felt like we hired the best  DJ and performer, but we also felt like we gained a friend. He not only played the best music, but also sung his heart out with his amazing vocals. When we were torn between two songs for our first dance, Dan said, “well, I will sing the Ed Sheeran song” and just like that it was settled. It was absolutely perfect. Weeks later and people are still talking about him and the whole night. We wish we could get married all over again just to have Dan perform and be apart of our special day. He is simply the BEST!"




~Carly & Nick Langone


House of Seven Gables,Salem, MA


Sky Music


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